The Bright side: Dog saves injured Michigan man from freezing to death in the snow

The Brightside: I’m not here to make sense of the noise and chaos of the outside world, but what I can do is make sense of myself. Somewhat. Let me be true to my soul. Be genuine. Be faithful. Be strong in my beliefs. So strong that it moves me to action. In a world that confuses my inner most, simplistic essence, I feel resolved to share the light and love of the bright side.

What was supposed to be a night of celebrations quickly turned into a nightmare for a northern Michigan man as he lay helpless in the snow for nearly 20 hours on New Year’s Eve.

About an hour before the big countdown, Bob ran out of his house in pajamas and slippers to grab another log for his fireplace when he slipped and fell, breaking his neck.

He tried to scream for help, but the only one who heard his cry was his Golden Retriever, Kelsey.

“I was screaming for help but my nearest neighbor is about a quarter mile away and it was 10:30 p.m., but my Kelsey came,” explained Bob, according to a statement sent to CBS News by McLaren Northern Michigan hospital. “By morning my voice was gone and I couldn’t yell for help, but Kelsey didn’t stop barking.”

The temperature dipped to 24 degrees as Bob lay paralyzed in the snow, Kelsey still barking by his side. The dog prevented Bob from falling victim to hypothermia by lying on top of him and licking his face and hands to keep him awake.

“She kept barking for help but never left my side,” Bob said. “She kept me warm and alert. I knew I had to persevere through this and that it was my choice to stay alive.”

Eventually, he lost consciousness. But the silence didn’t stop Kelsey from barking, and eventually the dog’s efforts paid off.

The next day, Bob’s neighbor found him and called 911.

By the time he arrived at the McLaren Northern Michigan Emergency Department in Petoskey, Michigan, he was hypothermic — with a core body temperature under 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the hospital told CBS News.

“I was surprised to find out that I didn’t have any frostbite,” Bob said. “I am sure it was because of Kelsey’s determination.”

Chaim Colen, a neurosurgeon at McLaren Northern Michigan, immediately performed spinal decompression surgery on Bob, which was a complete success. Bob still has a long road of recovery, and hours of physical therapy, ahead of him, but thanks to his dog and doctor, he knows he’ll be just fine.

“I’m so thankful for my two heroes,” Bob said. “Kelsey kept me warm, alert and never stopped barking for help. Dr. Colen saved my life and ability to move. They are truly heroes and I will be eternally grateful.”

This Bright Side Story found at http://www.cbsnews.com/news/dog-keeps-injured-owner-from-freezing-to-death-in-the-snow/

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    My Hair Trip, The #1 Rated Organic Salon in Denver: Member of the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program

    We are so unbelievably honored to be one of hundreds of businesses in Colorado to be members of The ELP and to be the only salon represented in the organization.

    The Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is our statewide environmental recognition and reward program which offers benefits and incentives to members that voluntarily go beyond compliance with state and federal regulations and are committed to continual environmental improvement.

    The Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is a voluntary program that encourages and rewards su- perior environmental performers that go beyond the requirements of environmental regulations and move toward the goal of sustainability. The program is open to all Colorado businesses, industries, offices, educational institutions, municipalities, government agencies, community, not-for-profit and other organizations. Currently, the program consists of three tiers, Bronze, Silver and Gold.
    The purpose of this document, The Colorado Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) Handbook, is to provide a central reference for policies and procedures associated with Colorado’s ELP. The Hand- book summarizes information on current aspects of program implementation, including eligibility re- quirements and member incentives. To further clarify and interpret program criteria, guidance infor- mation is also provided and clearly marked as “guidance”. The Handbook is a perennial “working document” that will be maintained primarily in electronic form so that program updates can be incor- porated into it quickly and frequently.

    My Hair Trip Salon : The #1 rated organic salon in Denver is a Silver Partner
    Silver Partner:
    An entity applying to the Silver Tier of the ELP must commit to develop and implement an environmental management system (EMS) within an agreed upon timeframe, not to exceed three years, in addition to meeting the requirements for “beyond-compliance” activities and programs.
    Certain milestones (at a minimum) must be met to remain in the program, however, an entity has the opportunity to apply to the Gold Tier sooner if they meet the following requirements:
    (NOTE: Not all requirements may apply and will be determined on a case-by-case basis).
     By the end of year one the entity must, at a minimum, demonstrate “in process”
    EMS implementation steps beyond that of the time of applying to the program.
     By the end of year two, the entity must, at a minimum, have in process additional
    portions of an EMS beyond that of the first year.
     By the end of year three, the entity must have a fully functional EMS, conducted a
    third party audit and comply with all the requirements listed in Appendix A. At such time, an entity may apply directly to the Gold Tier.

    Continual environmental improvement goals should promote the following: (1) the elimination or reduction of waste at the source of generation; (2) redirection of waste streams for reuse or for substitution of commercial products; (3) environ- mentally sound on-site and off-site recycling programs; and, (4) beyond compliance activities and programs. Other goals may include attending or sponsoring environ- mental workshops, developing case studies, establishing pollution prevention net- works with suppliers or providing the department with pollution prevention infor- mation for possible publication or dissemination. Aspects are chosen by the facil- ity. Commitment for improvement should relate to the significant environmental aspects identified in the EMS and should take into account local environmental pri- orities and pollution prevention opportunities.
    Optional activities or programs that qualify for continual environmental im- provement can include participating in mentoring opportunities with other compa- nies or organizations such as providing technical assistance and exchanging innova- tive technologies, attending or sponsoring workshops and developing case studies.

    My Hair Trip Organic Salon Denver – is proud to be a member of the Environmental Leadership Program and to be certified as green business by the Certifiably Green Denver Program and to be Colorado’s #1 customer-rated organic salon.

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      The #1 rated Organic Salon in Denver

      My Hair Trip Salon: The #1 rated organic salon in Denver.

      When My Hair Trip Salon Denver LLC was created, Colorado didn’t have an Organic salon or an all eco-friendly salon. My Hair Trip is and has been the organic salon in Denver for the last several years since it’s inception.

      Since it’s inception My Hair Trip has been at the forefront of the industry in Denver. Other “Organic stylists” and “Organic salons” are starting to pop up now around Denver and it’s fantastic!
      Hopefully, eventually, the whole industry will transition to be cleaner and more focused on health as well as beauty! Our industry and the world will certainly be better for it.

      There are some advantages you should be aware of, to choosing My Hair Trip over some of the “newer” Organic and/or eco-friendly salons or stylists popping up now around town. My Hair Trip is the #1 organic salon in Denver. My Hair Trip has been doing it longer than anyone. While newer salons and stylists are figuring things out and finding their way, My Hair Trip has already done all of that. Everyday My Hair Trip refines what they are doing and how they can provide even more for their loyal as well as their new clients. That’s why My Hair Trip Organic Salon Denver has more 5 star customer ratings and reviews than any other Organic or eco-friendly salon in the state of Colorado.

      My Hair Trip, the #1 customer rated organic salon in Denver, doesn’t rest on the fact that they are at the forefront of their industry. My Hair Trip is proud of and boasts about being the only salon to be a silver partner of the Colorado Environmental Leadership program. My Hair Trip has also improved their energy and waste usage and distribution to be re-certified by the Certifiably Green Denver office every year since they opened. They are also among a handful of conscious salons to have partnered with Green Circle Salons. These guys will not rest, they know they can always get better and it’s important for them to be the best Organic Salon they can be for their clients and for their team.

      My Hair Trip Salon, The #1 rated organic salon in Denver, is the only full service salon in Colorado to carry and use Organic Colour Systems. There are several independent solo stylists who carry the line as well but there are also huge advantages to being served by a team at a salon rather than trying to have your needs met by just one person. When a guest comes to visit My Hair Trip Salon from the first moment they contact the salon, through their visit and even to when and how their hair is maintained at home, the whole team is dedicated to serving these clients. All of the team members at My Hair Trip are trained and certified to offer services with the My Hair Trip standard, so guests never have to worry about their stylists availability which is always a terrible hassle with independent solo stylists. Typically independent stylists working on their own are not able to have a lot of availability because of all of the other things they have to juggle to run their own business and do their clients Hair as well. It just makes more sense to let a whole salon and an entire team serve you, so you can feel confident that you will always be the #1 priority and you can always get in when it works for you, and not around someone’s schedule who doesn’t have enough time to handle everything they need to, to sustain their business. That is why 90% of stylists who leave a salon to go on their own as independent stylists return to a salon or change careers within 2 years of leaving.

      My Hair Trip Salon, the highest rated organic salon in Denver, was built for a purpose, to help to make the world a better place. The My Hair Trip Organic Salon Denver slogan is Look Good. Feel Good. Be Good. When clients leave My Hair Trip, they look good and have been treated well, so they feel Good, and when they look good and feel good, then it is easier for them to be good in their interactions in the world around them. It is My Hair Trip Salon’s belief that this causes a ripple effect of positivity through the community and through our world. It is the mission of My Hair Trip, The top-rated organic salon in Denver to increase these ripples and help to make the world a better place.

      My Hair Trip used to be your only choice for an Organic salon in Denver, well it’s not your only choice any more but it surely is your best choice, that’s why it has more positive reviews and 5-star ratings than anyone else and why it is still considered to be the organic salon in Denver.

      My Hair Trip, The best organic Salon in Denver’s mission statement does a good job of describing who they are and what they do.

      To excite and inspire;
      To create and design;
      To share and to love;
      Through the service we give;

      My Hair Trip is thankful for the love they continue to receive from their city and gives that love back everyday.

      From My Hair Trip Salon Denver: Thank you Denver! We love you!

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        We are a Green Circle Salon. Why? What does that mean?

        Working together to keep people AND our planet beautiful!

        The Green Circle Salons Mission

        We are a new company with a mission to make the North American salon industry sustainable by 2020. We are doing this in a way that is affordable and achievable and most importantly, impactful. We believe that over time – and with the help of guests and employees – small steps to transform each salon will make green conversion possible and sustainable.

        Greenest in the Industry
        Green Circle Salons brings together some of the best brands from across the salon and spa industry as a way to offer you and your family, responsible, greener choices when it comes to looking and feeling beautiful. If you are looking to strike a greener balance and reduce your environmental impact in the pursuit to look and feel beautiful, take a look at our salon directory to find a Certified Green Circle Salon in your neighborhood.

        Green Salon Directory

        Our Directory offers a simple way to connect consumers with like-minded salons in their neighborhood.

        Quickly access important details that will save you time and effort. Look for the green banner and get informed about specific promotions and savings opportunities – as a new client you can receive special incentives and promotions at participating salons! Find links to salon websites and social media pages to stay up to date on the latest news!
        It’s not only about looking good and feeling good-it’s also about doing good!

        Our Philosophy

        Green Circle Salons sets very clear standards, and is an open, relationship‐focused company.

        We believe in clear expectations, ethical business dealings, transparency, accountability, and inclusiveness. Fairness, honesty and integrity is our compass. We are a movement for positive green change that has substance but also style, learning, and creativity. By working together to understand the links between our actions and their consequences on the planet, we will prove the value in sourcing locally and increasing efficiency, while redirecting, recycling, and repurposing materials once destined for landfill.

        We are committed to giving back 5% of our pre-tax profits to work with local and international organizations to support programs that create positive social and environmental change.
        Imagine if we all just believe and act on the things we know. If we’re honest about how our actions have consequences on people and the planet. Imagine then, the differences we can make together. Today, undoubtedly, climate change is the challenge of our time. We recognize that environmental issues are not just a series of isolated events like deforestation, the landfill crises or air pollution. We are beginning to understand that environmental problems affect our economics, our social structure, and the health and wellbeing of humanity as a whole.

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          Why Organic Hair Color is Better.

          The Natural Alternative
          Most hair colour products use harsh chemicals like ammonia that damage hair in the colouring process, stripping hair’s natural health and shine.

          Organic Colour Systems is different. We’re kind to hair and it shows.

          By using more certified organic ingredients and fewer chemicals than anyone else we’ve created an effective way to colour hair as naturally as possible.

          With Outstanding Results
          And because hair responds better to natural ingredients our products give outstanding results.

          Our unique approach is gentler on hair and locks in colour, moisture and goodness to every strand.

          So hair looks naturally healthier and glossier with radiant colour.

          Made in Britain with TLC
          (Tender Loving Colour)
          Combining the best of British know-how and natural ingredients we create Tender Loving Colour with absolutely no ammonia, resorcinol or parabens.

          We make our beautiful hair products in the heart of the New Forest in Hampshire using lots of lovely natural, organic ingredients.

          With Organic Colour Systems hair is naturally healthier.

          A breath of fresh air
          We don’t like ammonia. We don’t like the smell or what it does to hair and we never use it.
          We believe in using natural ingredients that smell amazing and create healthier, ammonia-free salons that are nice places to work.
          Our salons are – literally – a breath of fresh air to the hair colour industry.

          Certified organic ingredients
          By using more certified organic ingredients and fewer chemicals we’ve created an effective way to colour hair as naturally as possible.
          We combine the best of British know-how and natural ingredients to create hair colour with absolutely no ammonia, resorcinol or parabens.
          And we make our own beautiful hair products in the heart of the New Forest in Hampshire using lovely natural, organic ingredients.

          High performing products
          Our unique hair colour system is gentler on hair and locks in colour, moisture and goodness to every strand.
          So not only is your salon healthier but hair looks naturally healthier and glossier with radiant colour.

          Salons that stand out
          By offering our unique, natural and ethical hair colour alternative salons stand out from the competition and attract new clients.
          Clients love the Organic Colour Systems difference – and get hooked on our healthier approach to outstanding results.

          Healthy, profitable businesses
          We believe in healthy hair, healthy salons and healthy businesses.
          That’s why we’re dedicated to helping salons become healthy, profitable businesses.
          Our salons get lots of professional support from us including in-depth training, marketing and promotional materials.

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            Wait, I can help the needy by buying wine?

            As some of you know, we are working with Denise Uhlig, one of our friends and clients who is a rep for a company called ONE HOPE Wine. You can think of them as the Napa Valley wine company that gives back. Every single one of their bottles gives 50% of its profits to a partner non-profit (childhood hunger, helping pets find homes, planting trees, finding cures for diseases, etc). You can learn more about them on her website listed below.

            They do really awesome specials too! like this one they ran for the holidays: 40% off if you buy 3 or more bottles and FREE SHIPPING when you buy 6+ bottles!! (Discounts are processed at checkout, no code required)
            Go to the website: www.viaonehope.com/winesforacause
            Click on “Shop” at the top or “Shop My Store”

            For those of you who have recently bought from One Hope and have tasted the wines, you know what a quality product they have. All the wines are crafted by one of the top winemakers in Napa Valley, Robert Mondavi Jr. If you are all stocked up and would like to just forward this email on to some of your wine loving friends, please feel free to do so.

            If anyone else should have any questions, please feel free to ask. We’d be happy to help.
            We can also set up in-home wine tastings, where you can give 15% back to a non-profit of your choice. Ask me about it!

            Hope your holidays are full of love and laughter!
            Blessings to you all!

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              Birth of “The Bright side”

              I’m not here to make sense of the noise and chaos of the outside world,

              but what I can do is make sense of myself;


              Let me be true to my soul.

              Be genuine.

              Be faithful.

              Be strong in my beliefs.

              So strong that it moves me to action.

              In a world that confuses my inner most,

              simplistic essence,

              I feel resolved to share the light and love of the bright side.

              – Nicole Zamora –

              Today marks the first post of our weekly blog “The Bright Side” The Bright side will consist of inspiring and uplifting true stories and examples of all that is good in the world. It will be posted here every Sunday. We will be writing as well as sharing these stories, articles and messages every week as a way of shining the light that is in world to anyone and everyone who needs it.

              If you know of a true life story of inspiration please submit to myhairtrip@gmail.com for publication.

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                Introducing Cindee Hanna!

                It is our honor and privilege to introduce the newest member of the My Hair Trip Family: Cindee Hanna!!! Cindee has been a passionate stylist & colorist for the last 10 years and she has perfected her talents by learning how to give clients a hair-style that reflects their personality and how they want to look. “When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves” “I love being a part of a salon that uses organic coloring, products and services and also is environmentally conscious in how we dispose of our waste and materials.” Cindee, just like all of our stylists, is ready to get you looking your best, so then you can feel your best and that way you can be your best!!! Cindee and the rest of our team is here to serve you, so call or book your next appointment online at Denver’s Organic Salon today!

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                  We are a certified green business

                  When we opened, we partnered with The Certifiably Green Denver Program and the Mayor’s office to become a certified green business. We have been re-certified each year since then.

                  Certifiably Green Denver is a joint venture between the Denver Department of Environmental Health and the Downtown Denver Partnership to provide education and recognition to businesses for exemplary environmental achievement.

                  Certifiably Green Denver provides free, confidential, non-regulatory environmental assistance to Denver’s business community. The program helps your business find opportunities to improve efficiency and profitability while minimizing environmental liability through pollution prevention. Sustainability advisers are provided at no cost and begin by visiting your business to complete a comprehensive assessment identifying ways to conserve.

                  Sustainability advisors at the City are provided at no-cost to Denver business owners.

                  Step 1 – Schedule a walk through assessment of your business with one of our advisors. Call 720-865-5457

                  Step 2 – After the assessment is complete, your adviser will work with you to prioritize and implement practices that benefit your business. Program advisers are available to provide assistance whether you are interested in single measures or overall certification.

                  Compliance – Proper management practices help minimize wastes, reduce downtime, and keep you in compliance with regulations.

                  Why Participate?
                  Cost Savings – Less waste means lower disposal and operating costs. Ef cient use of materials,
                  water, and energy saves money.

                  Public Image – Superior environmental practices positively affect your image with customers, the community and employees.

                  Public Recognition – CGD publicly recognizes certi ed businesses through free advertising. This includes Internet listings and advertising in the newspaper, magazines, radio, and water bill inserts. Certi ed businesses receive a framed certi cate and a window decal from CGD.

                  CGD Offers:
                  > Assessments to identify water conservation
                  and energy-ef ciency options
                  > Information and assistance to meet your business’ environmental sustainability needs
                  > Public recognition for your environmental efforts

                  Environmental Achievement
                  for office and Retail
                  Certiably Green Denver (CGD) is a voluntary and non-regulatory program that provides free educational outreach and technical assistance on a variety of environmental issues to businesses in the City and County of Denver. The primary goals of the program are to increase participation and adoption of sustainable practices to minimize use of hazardous materials, improve energy ef ciency and water conservation, and decrease the use
                  of resources and generation of waste.

                  Our Partners are leaders in the business community who are setting the standard for environmental sustainability.
                  Certi cation Criteria
                  CGD has developed industry-speci c criteria that target environmental issues and concerns speci c to the of ce and retail environment.

                  The criteria are separated into ve categories: Business Management, Energy Ef ciency, Water Conservation, Resource Management, and Transportation. All core
                  criteria, plus two electives, must be met in each category
                  to achieve the certi cation. The elective criteria are intended to provide businesses the exibility to take advantage of initiatives that are of most interest and bene t to them.

                  In order to maintain certi cation, businesses must continue to comply with the core criteria and complete at least one new elective criterion from each category every year. CGD staff will follow-up annually with Partner businesses to ensure that they continue to meet the certi cation criteria, to encourage further improvement, and to lend assistance in overcoming technical issues and challenges.

                  We love what the Cerifiably green department is doing in Denver and we love being a part of the green movement in Colorado.

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                    Caring at our core

                    Having fun at Denver’s #1 customer rated sustainable beauty shop! We are not the only place in Denver where you can find non-toxic professional health and beauty products and services, but we are the only place with sustainable choices that offers an experience like we do. No one else puts caring at its core like we do. That is why we have more 5 star online customer ratings and reviews than any other eco friendly salon in the state of Colorado.

                    We love working with hair and makeup. Our team is built of highly trained, professional stylists and makeup artists, but that is not what sets us apart. We are involved with fundraising efforts for some amazing organizations who help those in need and we are dedicated to service within our community, but that is also not what sets us apart from other salons and businesses in our industry. There are lots of salons that have highly trained professional stylists. There are lots of salons that are involved within there communities and who do what they can to contribute to just social causes. Heck we aren’t even the only salon in town where you can find non-toxic options for your hair and makeup anymore.

                    What it is that sets us apart from the other salons in our industry is that which is at our core.
                    Care is at our core. Care is at our core as a business. Care is at the core of each of us who work in this company.
                    We care.
                    We genuinely care with our every fiber. We care about our clients. We care about the environment. We care about our community. We care about each other.

                    We care about our clients. We care about our clients as though they are our friends and family, because to us, that is exactly what they are. When someone comes to our salon, from the second they walk through our door, their needs are what we care about. We serve. That’s how we care. My Hair Trip is a place to put your problems aside, a place to take a deep breath and forget about the worries of the world. A place where people are genuinely interested in you and your life. We help people center themselves and leave us looking good, feeling good, and feeling able to be the best versions of themselves. Like ripples in a pond, as people who look and feel good go out into the world energy is dispersed with their every interaction. This is our belief and it is how we work everyday to make this world a better place. Everyday becoming closer to the world we imagine it can be.

                    We care about our environment. At this point, saying things like this can almost sound cliche, but its true, we care about our environment. We know too much. We care about the toxins people are putting on their hair and skin. We care about the waste and toxins that are being dumped all over our planet and into our water, all when we know that there is another way, a sustainable way. We care about future generations and the legacy we leave for them. We care about the world and how it is as well as how it can be. As the only salon to be members of Colorado’s Environmental Leadership Program the (ELP), we consult each year with like-minded companies and entrepreneurs about what we are doing for the planet and what we can do differently to be the most effective in healing and protecting the environment everyday, now and into the future.

                    We care about each other. We have a small team and we have decided that it is important to us that we always will. Because of this, as we work together, we become close. We all support each other, in our professional lives, and in our personal lives as well. We hold each other accountable to be our best selves and to work always with our mission and our goals in mind. We have shared goals and a shared vision which enables us to do this. All of us have made sacrifices to be involved with this company as it has grown from its inception two and a half years ago to where it is now. There have been immense challenges and many victories as well as defeats. We are not yet where we want to be, but we have come so far already and we can all see where we are going and how we are going to get there. By the end of the year we will be one of only a handful of salons in the world who will be “salary based” rather than commission-based. This move will enable us to revolutionize what it means for our team to choose a career in the beauty industry. Our industry is a “service” industry and for some reason members of this industry have been historically left out of receiving benefits and have been forced into a “feast or famine” commission-based pay scenario. Not any more. Within the next few years all of our full-time team-members will be eligible for benefits such as paid time leave, medical, dental, workman’s comp, 401k and retirement planning and investing, the same as their contemporaries who work in other industries. Stylists, barbers, makeup artists, estheticians, nail technicians, salon managers, and receptionists all work hard and deserve access to the same benefits that people working in “non-service” industries have access to. We can not even express in words how pumped we are to make this vision a reality for our team and hopefully, eventually, for the whole of our industry and all service industries!

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