Nicole Zamora
Founder / Master Sustainable Stylist / Organic Colorist / Makeup Artist
Nicole started My Hair Trip more than a decade ago and built her clientele with the help of her salon customers, fashion designers, photographers, models, media, and talent agencies.
In October of 2009, she made the move to downtown Denver! Since getting to the city in 2009, she has been involved in as many fashion shows and events around the city as she could, as well as having continual participation in community fundraisers, and educational programs and events. March of 2014 she opened her very own organic beauty shop, hair salon, art gallery and gift boutique on Santa Fe Drive in the Denver Art District. Nicole feels at home, surrounded by other motivated and talented stylists everyday.
Nicole and her husband / business partner, Paul, are building their dream team, and could not be more proud to have found so far, some truly amazing, intentional, people of character and skill. The best salon team in the city is right here at The Organic Salon in Denver. Nicole opened My Hair Trip The Organic Salon as a means to make the world a better place. Nicole crafted "Look Good. Feel Good. Be Good." as the slogan for her company. It is her belief that if she and her team can help people to look good and treat them in a way that they look good and feel good; then it will be easier for them to be good to others in their daily lives. This ripple is why My Hair Trip exists. Nicole says "we don't just produce healthy beautiful hair, we produce healthy beautiful people who go out influencing others to be healthy beautiful people. This is the ripple and this is the mission of My Hair Trip, The Organic Salon Denver.
Cindee Hanna
Master Sustainable stylist / Organic Colourist / Makeup Artist
Cindee has been a passionate stylist & colorist for the last 10 years and she has perfected her talents by learning how to give clients a hair-style that reflects their personality and how they want to look. "When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves" "I love being a part of a salon that uses organic coloring, products and services and also is environmentally conscious in how we dispose of our waste and materials." Cindee, just like all of our stylists, is ready to get you looking your best, so then you can feel your best and that way you can be your best!!! Cindee and the rest of our team is here to serve you, so call or book your next appointment online at Denver's Organic Salon today!
Kyle Germanis
Captain of Client Retention
Meet Kyle! Our captain of client retention! Kyle always makes sure you are greeted warmly and all your needs are attended to while a guest at Denver's #1 customer rated organic salon. Come meet Kyle and the rest of our team at 8th and Santa Fe in the Denver Arts District.
Tamara Hott-Domenico
Queen of Client Retention
Meet Tamara, the My Hair Trip Queen of client retention. Tamara makes sure the ship is sailing steadily in the right direction and ensures all of our clients' needs are met while she's at the helm
Paul Sr.
Paul Sr. has always been an entrepreneur, even since he was running his school store in junior high. He went to college right here in Denver at Metro State, and has a background in small business operations, management, and growth. Paul and Nicole now join their skills together, and with their powers combined they bring Denver a certified green, organic salon with a focus on what the client wants, achieving this through the utilization of natural health and beauty products and services. The My Hair Trip family hopes the shop can be an example of what a green, eco-friendly, environmentally conscious business can be, and what effects it can have on a community. Look good. Feel good. Be good. My Hair Trip.
Paul jr.
General Manager
Paul Zamora jr. or "PJ" as he's called around the shop is in charge of all of the behind the scenes work that makes My Hair Trip Salon Denver great. We couldn't be Denver's top-rated Organic Hair Salon without his hard work.