Top 5 Benefits to Using Eco Friendly Beauty Products

“Whether it’s being done to follow a fad or in the true spirit of conservation; many beauty companies are now developing and marketing eco friendly products. This is adding a new dimension to the market in beauty. Although many eco friendly products share varying degrees of actual ‘greenness’ you can be assured of the following benefits:

1. Eco friendly beauty products typically utilize organic formulas. Chemical free! Many mainstream beauty products use ingredients that in small doses don’t affect us in the short term. In the long-run, however, some of these ingredients can have the reverse effect on our bodies as initially intended. For example: many facial cleansers contain alcohol-based ingredients that end up drying up your skin. It is also important to note that people react differently to different chemicals. Knowing your products are chemical free can ease worries of allergic and chemical reactions.

2. Believe it or not, eco friendly beauty products are cost effective. You get what you pay for in product; not in packaging. Eco friendly products are often distributed with very little marketing or packaging cost. Other products fight for attention with fancy packaging and advertisements. That money is passed on to consumers. With eco friendly products these excess costs are often brought down to the bare minimum.

3. Eco friendly products help make our air cleaner and our land livable. Eco friendly products are labeled as such partly because of the manufacturing process. With cleaner ingredients comes cleaner manufacturing. This means that there are less toxins and pollutants being spewed into the air during the manufacturing process. Although, as some companies continue to switch over to eco friendly products, the carbon footprint of the plants still vary. Some are utilizing alternative energies to power the plants; others aren’t even using energy efficient light bulbs. If you want the most eco friendly product from head to toe you’ll need to do your research a bit further beyond the eco friendly label.

4. Eco friendly packaging is primarily biodegradable – meaning your purchase won’t leave a lasting imprint on our planet. Plastics and other harmful packaging are used almost rarely (and even then in very small doses) in eco friendly beauty products. One of the biggest movements in the entire beauty industry is developing better green technology for packaging. Some of the ways manufacturers have already gone beyond even the typical use of recycled materials by embedding seeds in wrappers (to plant) and printing in soy ink!

5. Avoid conflicting interests with personal morals. Eco friendly products cover the entire gambit when it comes to respecting our environment. That means these products are free of animal testing and animal byproducts. The greater environmental issues dealing with poor manufacturing standards also helps to make eco friendly products put your personal ethics at ease. Note: Some products are made by larger corporations. The singular product may fall within eco friendly guidelines, but the company may still have sketchy ethics. If this is a top benefit for you, do your research on available products and make sure their parent companies aren’t participating in activities that go against your good conscious! Just because a company has developed a ‘green’ line doesn’t mean they employ company-wide eco friendly practices.
No matter your ultimate reason for choosing an eco friendly product just remember that our society is based on capitalist exchange. If we are to fight through centuries of status quo in how we treat our environment we need to do it through our pocketbooks. By purchasing eco friendly products you make a bigger choice than what powder matches your skin tone better; you choose to share responsibility for the future your planet.”

by THEECODIVA on JULY 28, 2010

Kyle Simpson writes for Medical Billing Certification where you can find more information about a career in medical billing and coding.

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