Meet My Hair Trip


February 1, 2019 Healthy Life! An Integrative Health and Wellness Fair! 773 Santa Fe Dr.

Healthy Life! An Integrative Health & Wellness Fair

February First Friday! Join us for our 5th annual health and Wellness Fair! Healthy Life! Learn from local experts and professionals about anything and everything Health and wellness! Stop by before or after you check out the Denver Art Walk in our neighborhood, First Fridays are always so much fun!

The 5th Annual My Hair Trip Health and Wellness Fair!
- Health & Wellness Professionals and practitioners
- Super Healthy health & Beauty products and info
- Wellness information, education & discussion
- Local Artists and Vendors
- healthy snacks and bevs

This is one of our favorite events every year! It's always really chill and fun and informative. Cheers! To your health! See you in the Arts District!

Come find out how to be a better you!

6pm - 10pm - Open to Public - Free Entry