Birth of “The Bright side”

I’m not here to make sense of the noise and chaos of the outside world,

but what I can do is make sense of myself;


Let me be true to my soul.

Be genuine.

Be faithful.

Be strong in my beliefs.

So strong that it moves me to action.

In a world that confuses my inner most,

simplistic essence,

I feel resolved to share the light and love of the bright side.

– Nicole Zamora –

Today marks the first post of our weekly blog “The Bright Side” The Bright side will consist of inspiring and uplifting true stories and examples of all that is good in the world. It will be posted here every Sunday. We will be writing as well as sharing these stories, articles and messages every week as a way of shining the light that is in world to anyone and everyone who needs it.

If you know of a true life story of inspiration please submit to myhairtrip@gmail.com for publication.

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